Spanish Judge Wants To Know If U.S. Will Investigate Torture
By Andrew Ramonas | May 5, 2009 3:32 pm

Spanish Judge Eloy Velasco plans to ask the United States if it will investigate the harsh interrogation methods authorized by the Bush administration before he reaches a decision on whether he will probe Bush officials who approved of the methods, The Associated Press reported today.

The Associated Press quoted Velasco from his ruling and elaborated:

“As we are in a preliminary phase, it seems more in line with our complex system of universal prosecution” to ask the Obama administration what its plans are for the six Bush administration officials named in the complaint, including former US attorney general Alberto Gonzales.

The Spanish attorney general has come out against investigating the Bush administration, but Valesco has not dropped the complaint against the Bush officials behind the interrogation methods. Velasco was assigned the case when the original judge, Baltasar Garzon, handed it back to the court, the AP says.


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