Expert: Intel-AMD Settlement Could Affect FTC Investigation
By Aruna Viswanatha | November 12, 2009 3:13 pm

Giant chip-maker Intel agreed to pay rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc.$1.25 billion to settle a global antitrust dispute. We caught up with a couple of Federal Trade Commission officials at an American Bar Association conference in Washington today.

Our question: how would a settlement affect the FTC’s pending investigation into Intel’s practice of giving rebates to equipment manufacturers, which is at  the heart of its battles with AMD?

The director of the FTC’s competition bureau, Richard Feinstein, told us the settlement would not “directly affect” the FTC’s investigation. And Joseph Farrell, the FTC’s top economist said only that the FTC will “look into” the settlement.

Stephen Calkins, an antitrust professor at Wayne State University Law School, said if the settlement includes provisions that address the conduct under investigation by FTC, the case might come to a close.



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