Yet Again, Texas Lawmakers to Take Up Airport Security ‘Groping’
By David Stout | June 21, 2011 12:26 pm

The people in the Lone Star State mean it when they say, “Don’t mess with Texas.” So do the politicians.

That’s why Gov. Rick Perry (R)  has just announced that he is adding an “anti-groping” bill, meant to stop offensive airport security searches, to the agenda of the special session of the State Legislature, which he has just called.  The bill would make it illegal for agents of the Transportation Security Administration to engage in “intrusive touching” at airport security checkpoints without probable cause, as the website reports.

But wait! Isn’t it pretty clear that airport security is a federal matter, and hasn’t the Justice Department already warned that Texas could turn into a “no-fly zone” if the state lawmakers pass the legislation? Just a few weeks ago, it appeared that the legislators, a solid majority of whom are Republicans, had backed away from tilting at the federal windmill, as Main Justice reported.

No problem. If the defenders of the Alamo had said to one another, “Guys, we don’t have enough ammunition for a turkey shoot, and there’s just enough food for one home-cooked meal, so let’s give up,” Texas never would have become Texas.

So airport security is scheduled, at least for now, to be considered in the special session, along with school funding, hurricane insurance and other items that would seem to fit more easily into a state-government agenda.

Oh, there are rumors that Perry may be considering a run for the White House.


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