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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Northern District of Ohio Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Pinjuh testified yesterday that indicted DEA agent Lee Lucas “was a loose cannon,” who did a shoddy job during investigations, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported this morning.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney was called to speak at the U.S. District Court in Ohio yesterday because of Brady concerns surrounding the 2007 trial of three men who were sentenced to more than 10 years for drug dealing, according to The Plain Dealer. The men said Lucas was the primary witness in their case, and they should have been made aware of his problems, the newspaper said.

Lucas was charged earlier this year with allegedly overseeing 15 drug buys — two of which were bogus, according to The Plain Dealer. The purchases made by informant Jerrell Bray led to charges against 17 people, the newspaper said.

The informant has pleaded guilty to charges that he incorrectly identified drug dealers and lied, according to the newspaper. Lucas allegedly hid information about Bray from prosecutors, lied at trials and filed bogus reports, The Plain Dealer reported.

“To be blunt, I grew tired of the sloppiness,” Pinjuh said at the hearing, according to the newspaper.

Former Northern District of Ohio U.S. Attorney Greg White testified Monday that his prosecutors didn’t doubt Lucas’ truthfulness, but questioned how quickly Lucas moved through cases, The Plain Dealer reported.

Pinjuh agreed that Lucas moved too fast, but the Assistant U.S. Attorney said Lucas also wrote inadequate reports that made it difficult for the office to carry on investigations, according to the newspaper. The Assistant U.S. Attorney said Lucas was one of most careless agents that he has ever encountered, The Plain Dealer said.