Alaska House Wants to Know: Partisan Prosecution of Stevens?
By Mary Jacoby | April 8, 2022 6:28 pm

This is getting ridiculous. Now the Alaska House wants a federal investigation of the Ted Stevens prosecutors for potential violation of the Hatch Act. In a non-binding resolution passed with bipartisan support today, the Alaska House resolved that:

 ”[F]ederal employees involved with Senator Stevens’ prosecution be investigated for violations of the Hatch Act and, if found guilty, be subject to penalty under the Act.”

The Hatch Act bars federal employees from using their offices for partisan political purposes. In other words, the Alaska House seems to think Brenda Morris, William Welch and the gang might have been secret closeted Democrats using their law enforcement powers to “get” a prominent Republican.

The Alaska resolution also demanded the U.S. government apologize for a “heinous miscarriage of justice” in prosecuting the former Alaska senator on corruption charges. The resolution also asks the U.S. to make an exception under the Federal Tort Claims Act to allow Stevens to sue the government.


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