Holder in Wide-Ranging Interview with Katie Couric
By Mary Jacoby | April 8, 2022 10:50 pm

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder vows to reverse the politicization of the Justice Department, with special attention on the Civil Rights, Antitrust and Environment Divisions. The Washington Independent hits him for his answer on the state secrets privilege. Read the full transcript of the CBS interview here.

Some highlights:

Couric: You’re reportedly close to the lead prosecutor [in the Ted Stevens case], Brenda Morris, who’s under investigation for failing, among other things, to disclose crucial information to defense lawyers in this case. Another target of the investigation is, apparently, William Welch, who’s head of the office, ironically, of public integrity. Will you fire either one of them? Will they stay on during the course of these investigations?

Holder: Unless there’s some basis for me to decide if they have something wrong - they’ll remain in place.


Couric: What about the next time your department has to prosecute a high ranking public official? Why should Americans feel confident that your prosecutors will be fair and ethical?

Holder: Because history has shown that the people who work in this department are good lawyers. They’re fair lawyers. They follow the rules. We’re not gonna be timid. People should not take from this episode any indication that we’re going to be intimidated into enforcing the laws, going after those who - who break our laws, especially those who are entrusted - with great political positions. That is gonna be a focus of - this department under me. We’re gonna go after white collar criminals


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