Top Prosecutor In California Eastern District Nominated
By Mary Jacoby | August 7, 2022 3:12 am

Benjamin B. Wagner, an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of California, was nominated Thursday to lead the Sacramento-based office. The White House made the announcement in a brief news release Thursday evening that was not posted on the White House Web site. No biographical information was given about Wagner in the news release.

If confirmed, Wagner would replace Acting United States Attorney Lawrence G. Brown, who has been running the office since January, after Bush-appointee McGregor William Scott resigned.

Brown was caught up in the controversy about fired AmeriCorps inspector general, Gerald Walpin. Read our previous report about Walpin here.



  1. scott says:

    US DOJ Official’s say that the millions that Hertel and Fowler have stolen from banks will be replaced by TARP funds and that the DOJ has no time to take action against the corruption of these suspects even though they owe millions in taxes and fraudulent loans. Now you know why corruption is so prevalent in the US DOJ. There names are Thomas Flynn and Wendy Silverberg.

  2. WEUI says:

    Indeed the prior prosecutor was in fact Lawrence Brown he has evidence for a long time on the fraud and thefts of Hertel and Fowler and did nothing ? then we learn Brown was a friend of theirs from Ventura, CA the FBI and IRS along with the FTB have all admitted they have know of there fraud and money laundering and tax evasion for years but due to there political donations to Congressman McCarthy of Bakersfield that is why no indictments. Then we learn AEGON lost millions and has a case Investors Warranty of America, Inc against them as doe GE Capital adn VFS Financing so DO NOT expect Ben Wagner to do a thing, US Attorney Kirk E. Sherriff of Fresno and FBI Agent Brandt of Modesto and Agent Garo of IRS has had a boat load of criminal evidence against them and yet is allowing them to get off………….

  3. Scott says:

    This guy is just one more puppet in the clog of justice he has been well aware of the fraud by RW Hertel & Sons, Inc. and its two owners Robert JS Fowler and Ronald W. Hertel and has looked the other way and allowed them to continue with fraud, money laundering, bank fraud and tax fraud and political donations to those who help the developer so do not expect justice from the new man.

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