Diapering Didn’t Pass Legal Muster
By Mary Jacoby | August 25, 2022 9:12 pm

The Washington Independent’s Spencer Ackerman has done some sleuthing. He believes he’s uncovered an interrogation technique recommended by the Central Intelligence Agency for use against terrorism suspects that previously hasn’t come to light: diapering.

The recently released 2004 CIA inspector general report on the “enhanced interrogations” said the Agency had recommended 11 unusual techniques. What were they? Only ten received approval from the Bush admininstration’s Office of Legal Counsel, according to a 2002 memo by Jay Bybee and John Yoo that the Obama administration declassified in April. What was the 11th technique?

Ackerman examined Appendix E of the CIA IG report, which was a 2003 memo written by then-CIA Director George Tenet describing 11 techniques proposed by the Agency. In addition to the methods already revealed (“waterboarding, sticking insects in the suspects’ faces, “facial holds,” etc.), was an 11th technique: “the use of diapers for prolonged periods.”

The Agency apparently chucked the Pampers strategy after learning it would hit legal hurdles, Ackerman concludes, based on his close reading of the OLC memo and the CIA IG report.



  1. Brian King says:

    Fascinating story. Such a big stink over being pampered in huggies. I luv it!

    More seriously, this technique would have never worked. I’m sure they realized that someone on our team would end up having to clean up the mess.

  2. jr says:

    Instapundit got it right.

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