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‘Recovering Republican’ Prosecutor Considers Bid in Rhode Island
By Stephanie Woodrow | October 22, 2021 5:45 pm

Robert Corrente (Burns & Levinson LLP)

Robert Corrente (Burns & Levinson LLP)

Robert Corrente, a former U.S. Attorney in Rhode Island, is considering running for governor next year, WPRI reported. Corrente served as Rhode Island’s top prosecutor from 2004 until earlier this year. He currently is a partner at Burns & Levinson LLP.

This morning, Corrente met with members of the newly-formed Moderate Party over coffee and donuts at the party’s headquarters to discuss a possible gubernatorial run, according to the party’s new executive director Christine Hunsinger, WPRI reported.

Hunsinger told WPRI the party is discussing next year’s race with “more than six people.” “[Corrente] is strong on the issue of ethics,” she told WPRI, adding, “We need to make sure the person we choose is the right person.” According to WPRI, Hunsinger would not comment on when the party will select a candidate; however the decision will be made by the party’s seven-member board, which plans to add more members soon.

Hunsinger referred to Corrente — a registered Republican who was appointed U.S. Attorney by President Bush — as a “recovering Republican,” WPRI reported. The party’s Web site says: “Moderate Party believes the answer” to fixing government “resides in focusing on four issues: Economy, Ethics, Education and Environment.”

Current Gov. Don Carcieri (R) is term-limited and cannot run for re-election. The candidates who have officially entered the race include state Rep. Joe Trillo (R), state treasurer Frank Caprio (D), state Attorney General Patrick Lynch (D) and former Sen. Lincoln Chafee, who served in the Senate as a Republican but was considered more liberal on many issues than some Democrats. Chafee is running as an Independent candidate.

Also of note is attorney Bob Healey Jr., who is running on the Cool Moose ticket. According to the party platform posted on Healey’s Web site, the Cool Moose party stands for “as limited a government intrusion into private life as possible.”


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