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Kansas Lawmaker Makes U.S. Attorney Recommendation
By Stephanie Woodrow | November 19, 2021 6:28 pm
Barry R. Grissom (Law Office of Barry R. Grissom)

Barry R. Grissom (Law Office of Barry R. Grissom)

Rep. Dennis Moore (D-Kan.) has recommended Overland Park, Kan., attorney Barry Grissom to be the state’s next top federal prosecutor, The Kansas City Star reports. Grissom, who has a private law practice specializing in civil litigation with a focus on employment discrimination, was a legal adviser to Moore during his first two congressional races, the newspaper reports. Grissom told The Star, “It’d be an honor to have a job like this,” adding, “It’d be an opportunity to serve and serving under this administration would be a double honor.”

Dan Watkins, an attorney in Lawrence, Kan., had applied for the position, according to The Star, but withdrew from consideration last month. The last Senate-confirmed U.S. Attorney in the state was Eric F. Melgren. He served from 2002 to 2008, when he resigned to become a federal judge in Kansas. Since Melgren’s departure, Lanny D. Welch has been in charge of the office, serving as interim U.S. Attorney.


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