New DOJ Human Rights Section Becomes Law
By Andrew Ramonas | December 23, 2021 12:24 pm

President Barack Obama signed into law legislation Tuesday that establishes a new section within the Justice Department’s Criminal Division to handle human rights crimes.

The House cleared the Human Rights Enforcement Act of 2009 by a 416-3 vote last week. The bill had passed the Senate last month by unanimous consent.

The legislation lays the foundation for merging the Office of Special Investigations and the Domestic Security Section into the new section. The Office of Special Investigations — which was established to probe ex-Nazi war criminals living in the United States — has jurisdiction over U.S. citizens accused of human rights crimes. The Domestic Security Section focuses on non-U.S. citizens accused of violating human rights laws and who are now in the United States.

The new section will prosecute torture, genocide, child soldiers and war crimes that are committed by any person who is in the United States.


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  1. Andrew says:

    A major issue here is Eli M. Rosenbaum’s role in the Egypt Air 990 disaster off New York and the John F Kennedy Jr. Tragedy. There were 33 High Ranking Egyptian Military Officers including Generals on board EA 990 (Google to find), as well as 100 Americans among the 217 killed. Kennedy Jr. was about to announce his candidacy for the US Senate (NY).

    These tragedies were not accidents. A Mossad assasination team, headed by Rodney Powell, an aeronautical engineer, were responsible for these. Rosenbaum took testimony for the NTSB and helped cover-up this fact. Then he hunted down witnesses and used his credentials to commit criminal acts to discredit them. There were attempted murders of a key witness which he was involved in covering up and perhaps in the acts themselves. I was told he has been suspended without pay for 18 months. Light sentence for accessory to murder and treason?

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