‘Snowpocalypse’ Closes DOJ
By Ryan J. Reilly | February 8, 2022 5:15 pm

A weekend snowstorm shut down the Justice Department on Monday (photo by Ryan J. Reilly).

The massive snowstorm that dumped nearly two feet of snow in the nation’s capital over the weekend closed the Justice Department and all federal government offices in Washington on Monday.

Sidewalks and streets around Justice Department headquarters at 9th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW were mostly passable. But the storm partially shut down the Metro train system which many DOJ employees use to get to work.

At least one tree on the south side of building, formally known as the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building, came down under the weight of the snow on its branches. Security guards at the Justice Department were still clearing snow off the top of their booths Monday afternoon.

On Friday Attorney General Eric Holder was scheduled to receive the Medal for Excellence from Columbia Law School, his alma mater. But his trip to New York was canceled because of the weather. Holder conveyed his regrets through a professor at the event.

Columbia University President Lee Bollinger lauded Holder for his long career in public service, according to Columbia.

“Has there ever been an attorney general given more controversies to solve and a department more in need of leadership and respect?” Bollinger said. He also praised President Barack Obama and Holder for what he called not sacrificing constitutional rights to fight crime and terrorism.

“In Eric Holder, we have an Attorney General of the United States who is not afraid of the hard, principled path to the pursuit of justice, the defense of our security, and the fulfillment of our founding ideals,” said Bollinger.

Holder did, however, make it to a Super Bowl party at the White House on Sunday, along with other Cabinet officials and members of Congress.

A series of photos of the main Justice Department building post-snowstorm are placed below.



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