White House Announces Four U.S. Attorney Nominations
By Andrew Ramonas | February 25, 2022 12:24 am

President Barack Obama made four U.S. Attorney nominations on Wednesday, the White House announced late last night.

They are:

Laura Duffy (voiceofsandiego.org)

Wifredo Ferrer (gov)

-Laura Duffy (Southern District of California): The Assistant U.S. Attorney, who has worked in the Southern District since 1997, would replace interim U.S. Attorney Karen P. Hewitt, who has led the office since Carol Lam was forced out during the 2006 U.S. Attorney purge. Read more about Duffy here.

-Wifredo Ferrer (Southern District of Florida): The assistant Dade County, Fla., attorney and deputy chief of staff to then-Attorney General Janet Reno would succeed R. Alexander Acosta as the next presidentially appointed U.S. Attorney. Acosta stepped down last summer, and his first deputy, Jeffrey H. Sloman, became acting U.S. Attorney. Sloman was appointed U.S. Attorney in January by U.S. Attorney Eric Holder and continues to lead the office pending confirmation of a new U.S. Attorney.

Read more about the nominee here.

Alicia Limtiaco (UCLA)

-Alicia Limtiaco (Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands): The Guam attorney general would replace U.S. Attorney Leonardo Rapadas, who has led the territories’ offices since 2003. Read more about her here.

John B. Stevens Jr. (Lamar University)

-John B. Stevens Jr. (Eastern District of Texas): The Jefferson County, Texas, judge would succeed Rebecca Gregory, who resigned last May. Stevens and a U.S. Attorney finalist for the Western District of Texas are the only candidates for the state’s four U.S. Attorney posts who received the backing of the Texas House Democrats and the state’s Republican senators in a tense battle over recommendations. Read more about Stevens here.

Obama has now made 50 U.S. Attorney nominations. The Senate has confirmed 34 U.S. Attorneys thus far.


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