SUNDAY, MAY 12, 2022
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Senate Confirms New York and Georgia U.S. Attorneys
By Andrew Ramonas | March 11, 2022 8:47 am

The Senate confirmed two U.S. Attorneys by unanimous consent Wednesday evening.

They are:

William J. Hochul Jr. (Getty Images)

-William J. Hochul Jr. (Western District of New York): The almost 20-year veteran of the Western District office will succeed Terrance P. Flynn, who resigned as U.S. Attorney in January 2009. Hochul was nominated on Dec. 24. Read more about him here.

Sally Yates (DOJ)

-Sally Q. Yates (Northern District of Georgia): The current acting U.S. Attorney, who has worked in the Northern District since 1989, will succeed David E. Nahmias, who stepped down as the last Senate-confirmed U.S. Attorney in August. Yates was tapped on Dec. 24. Georgia Rep. John Lewis (D) initially tried to prevent her nomination, but withdrew his objections after queries from The Wall Street Journal about the matter. Read more about Yates here.

The Senate has now confirmed 36 U.S. Attorneys.


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