Recipients of U.S. Marshals Director’s Honorary Awards
By Ryan J. Reilly | April 13, 2022 4:15 pm

Editor’s Note: the following is a list of the awards handed out at the 30th Annual U.S. Marshals Service Director’s Honorary Awards Ceremony held in Arlington, Va. on April 13, 2010.

Director’s Distinguished Service Award: The Director’s Distinguished Service Award is given for a particular significant service that highlights the U.S. Marshals Service.

* Chief Inspector Michael Pyo, Technical Operations Division
* Inspector Vincent Bellino, Technical Operations Division.
* Deputy General Counsel Harvey Smith, Office of General Counsel
* Intelligence Research Specialist Lillian Fata (Faw-ta), Judicial Security Division.

MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARD: The Meritorious Service Award is presented for career-length achievement, significant contributions, or sustained superior performance.

* Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal John F. Clark, District of Maine
* Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Fidencio Rivera, District of Arizona
* Management and Program Analyst Bob Hayes, Office of the Associate Director for Administration

OPERATIONAL EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD: The following two awards are being presented for the Operational and Administrative Employees of the Year. The recipients were selected by their peers, with each Marshals Service employee having one vote.

* Chief Joel Kirch, Investigative Operations Division


* Program Management Analyst Mitzi Snelson, Judicial Security Division

NEW EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD: The next award is given to new employees, those with fewer than five years of service with the Marshals Service. We have two honorees this year.

* Deputy U.S. Marshal Triana Luce, District of Colorado
* Security Assistant Belen Sample, Human Resources Division

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: The next group of awards is for special achievement, and is presented to employees who have demonstrated significant contributions to the mission of the U.S. Marshals Service.

* Deputy Assistant Director Randy Becker, Prisoner Operations Division
* Supervisory Criminal Investigator John Bolen, Prisoner Operations Division.
* Senior Inspectors Elizabeth Buck and Larry Reynolds, Prisoner Operations Division
* Chief Deputy U.S. Fernando Karl, Western District of Texas
* Deputy U.S. Marshal Raymon Kitson, Northern District of Georgia.
* Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Warren Mays, Eastern District of Tennessee
* Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Thomas Smith, Western District of Texas
* Property Management Specialist Cheryl K. Tucker, District of Connecticut

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY AWARD: The Equal Employment Opportunity Award recognizes an employee who has actively contributed to equal employment opportunity, or the promotion, recruitment, and training of women and minorities within the Marshals Service and the federal government.

* Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal William “Buz” Brown, Southern District of Indiana.

Fitness In Total or FIT AWARD: The Fitness In Total, or FIT, Award is presented to an employee who maintains physical fitness standards and represents the U.S. Marshals Service in community programs involving fitness.

* Deputy U.S. Marshal Eric Smith, Northern District of Texas

DISTINGUISHED GROUP AWARDS: The Distinguished Group Award recognizes groups of individuals whose extraordinary accomplishments distinguish them among all others.

* The Members of the Critical Incident Response Team, Technical Operations Division. Accepting the award on behalf of the Mission are Senior Inspector Juli Johnston, Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshals Dan Elbers, Bill Taylor, and Warren Mays, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Dan Phillips, and Deputy U.S. Marshal Sherwood Crump.

* The District Compliance Review Program, Office of Inspection. Accepting the award of behalf of the group is Inspector-Investigators Noelle Douglas and Bruce Goodman, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal John Whitelock, Inspector-Auditor Charles Daniels, Administrative Officers Lisa Vavra and Lynn Clark, and Management & Program Analyst Isabelle Howell.

* The Witness Security Case Management Team, Witness Security Division. Representing the Team are Chief Inspectors Suzanne Colter, Tonia Cline and Mark Pitella, Supervisory Inspector Aaron Hackett, Operations Analyst Ada Ruffin, Case Analyst LyNette Bush, Program Analyst Jean Van Roekel (Roy-kel).

* The Risk/Resource/Impact Model Work Group, Judicial Security Division. Accepting the award are: Assistant Director of Prisoner Services Candra Symonds, Deputy Assistant Director of Judicial Services Carl Caulk, Chief David Sligh (Sly), Assistant Chief Brian Fields, and Michael Dorsey of Deloitte Consulting.

* The Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force, New Orleans Division, Eastern District of Louisiana; Accepting the award on behalf of the Task Force are Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Steve Hartman and Deputy U.S. Marshals Doug Farrell, Ray Smiles, and Mark Gunnoe.

* The Eastern North Carolina Violent Fugitive Task Force, Eastern District of North Carolina. Accepting the award are: Deputy U.S. Marshals Mike Williams, Bryan Konig and Brandon Taylor and Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Rob Pettit.

* The USMS Terrorist Detainee Task Force, Office of the Associate Director for Operations. Accepting the award are Assistant Director for Judicial Security Mike Prout, Chief Michael Rose, Assistant Chief Heather Lowry, Chief Tricia Ashford, and Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Timothy Hogan.

* The personnel of the USMS Communications Center, Technical Operations Division. Accepting the award are Communications Center Supervisor Jason Lewis, Lead Communications Systems Specialists Donna Barnes and Jennifer Withers, and Communications Systems Specialists Vanessa Best and Marshall McCorkle.

* The Information Technology Transformation Team, Information Technology Division. Accepting the award for the Team are Assistant Director Lisa Davis and Deputy Assistant Director Judd Nicholson.

* The Specialists from the Intergovernmental Agreement Program, Prisoner Operations Division. Accepting the award for the Team are Specialists Renita Barbee, Tiffani Eason, Jackie Gomez, Erica Hines, Mary Horsey, and Virginia Owens.

* The Affirmative Employment Program Team, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity. Accepting the award for the Team are EEO Specialists Katrina Queen and Lennon Baccus (back-us), and Administrator Threasa Brown.

* The Special Operations Group in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Representatives could not attend the ceremony today, so we will present this award to the recipients at a later date.

Leadership Beyond the Standard Award: The Leadership Beyond the Standard Award is presented to those who not only merit special consideration for their achievements not only in the performance of their normal duties, but who demonstrate through their actions a dedication to the agency they serve—essentially “going the extra mile” for the Marshals Service.

* Deputy Assistant Director David Dimmitt, Judicial Security Division, Served in the District of Connecticut.
* Chief Inspector Flora Gant Bridges, Witness Security Division, Serves in the Central District of Illinois.
* Chief Inspector Scott Sanders, Tactical Operations Division, Serves in the Northern District of Mississippi.
* Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Eric Timberman, Southern District of New York, Serves in the District of Puerto Rico.
* Administrative Officer Doug Brooks, Eastern District of Tennessee
* Deputy Assistant Director Jim Murphy, Financial Services Division

HARRY BELLUOMINI CSO AWARD: Court Security Officer Harry Belluomini [Bell-laah-manee] was killed in the line of duty during an attempted prisoner escape in 1992. The Harry Belluomini [Bell-laah-manee] Court Security Officer Award recognizes Court Security Officers who project and maintain a positive and professional image for the Marshals Service to our judges, courts and to the general public.

* Court Security Officer Terri Wallace, AKAL (a Kall’) Security Services, Western District of Washington

CITIZEN OF THE YEAR AWARD: The Citizen of the Year Award is presented for extraordinary contributions to law enforcement and society.

* Reverend Kevin Brown, Executive Director, Trinity Christian Community

LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER OF THE YEAR: The Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award is presented to a local, state or federal officer who makes a significant contribution to the mission of the Marshals Service.

* Assistant U.S. Attorneys John Wortmann Jr. and Glenn MacKinlay (McKinley), United States Attorney’s Office, District of Massachusetts.

DISTINGUISHED DISTRICT AWARDS: The Distinguished District Awards recognize districts whose accomplishments have elevated them among all others. These awards are presented in three categories for large, medium, and small districts. The category of district is determined by its fiscal allocation and resource structure. Evaluation for this award is made through a district’s yearly accomplishments, including high profile trials and emergency response, in addition to the numbers of prisoners in our custody, warrant caseloads, service of process, and seized properties.

This year’s Small District award is presented to the:

* The Eastern District of Washington

Accepting the award are: U.S. Marshal Michael Kline, Chief Deputy Eric Marks, and Administrative Officer Jacqueline Gabert.

This year, the Medium District award is presented to:

* The District of Kansas

Accepting the award are: U.S. Marshal Walter Bradley and Administrative Officer Melody Witte. Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Daryl Ingermanson was unable to attend.

The large District of the Year Award is presented to the:

* The Eastern District of New York

Accepting the award are: U.S. Marshal Eugene Corcoran, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Timothy Hogan, Assistant Chief Deputy U.S. Marshals Bryan Mullee (Mul-lee’) and Juan Tavarez and Administrative Officer Francisco Gonzales.

ROBERT FORSYTH VALOR AWARDS: In January 1794, Robert Forsyth became the first U.S. Marshal to die in the line of duty. As U.S. Marshal in the District of Georgia, he was ambushed while attempting to arrest two brothers in their home. During his lifetime, U.S. Marshal Forsyth’s bravery was well known–he served as a cavalry officer in the Revolutionary War and was one of the first thirteen U.S. Marshals appointed by President George Washington.

The Robert Forsyth Valor Award honors those who display extraordinary bravery or sacrifice, either in the line of duty or as an aid to law enforcement.

* Deputy U.S. Marshal Roger Bomenblit, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

* Deputy U.S. Marshal Scotty Cargile, Middle District of Florida

* Deputy U.S. Marshals Philip Efaw and Jason Richter, Southern District of West Virginia.

USMS PURPLE HEART & FALLEN HERO AWARDS: The following awards are related to the tragic events of January 4, 2010. Our agency suffered the loss of one of our own-the first fatality in the line of duty in a decade, and the wounding of a deputy U.S. marshal who tried to prevent a greater tragedy. Fallen Hero Award and a U.S. Marshals Service Purple Heart Award to:

* Court Security Officer Stanley Cooper, District of Nevada. Accepting the award are his family: Son Marshall Cooper and his wife Daniela; Son Rick Bentley and his son Brendan; and Daughter Eva Cooper-Todd.

For his own serious wounds in the line of duty, a U.S. Marshals Service Purple Heart Award is presented to:

* Deputy U.S. Marshal Richard “Joe” Gardner, District of Nevada.



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