U.S. Attorney Puts New Spin on ‘Crack House’ Law
By Stephanie Woodrow | April 28, 2022 5:22 pm

Dwight Holton (DOJ)

Dwight C. Holton is putting a new spin on a law intended to eliminate crack houses.

Holton, the interim U.S. Attorney for Oregon, last week summoned the president of Reed College to the federal courthouse and told him to rein in drug use on campus or face potential charges under a federal intended to close crack houses, the New York Times reported. The meeting came one month after a Reed College student died of a heroin overdose, the second student drug-related death in two years.

Under federal law, anyone who knowingly operates premises where drugs are used can be subjected to criminal and civil penalties. According to Inside Higher Ed, the college also could lose its federal funding, including student loans if prosecutors determine the school has not taken adequate steps to combat illegal drug activity on campus. (The president of Reed later clarified that the U.S. Attorney never specifically mentioned the loss of student loans.)

Holton along with the the county district attorney and the county’s deputy D.A. told Reed College president Colin Diver that undercover agents will attend the college spring festival this weekend that is known for the availability of illegal drugs.

“It’s a complicated issue, but two drug deaths in two years on a campus of 1,300 students, something has to change,” Holton told the New York Times.


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