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by Douglas Gillison | April 4th, 2013

Lewis was one of three cooperators in the government’s investigation of bribery in Azerbaijan led by Viktor Kozeny.

by Douglas Gillison | February 1st, 2013

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia panel disagreed with a district judge, who found that records from the insurance giant’s monitorship were judicial documents.

by | April 16th, 2012

A journalist successfully argued that release of now-Deputy Attorney General James Cole’s reports serve a public purpose by possibly illuminating causes of the 2008 financial collapse.

by Channing Turner | July 18th, 2011

Cole has been serving in the position under a recess appointment.

by Andrew Ramonas | June 28th, 2011

Senate Republicans agreed to end their hold on the nomination.

by Andrew Ramonas | June 27th, 2011

The full Senate this week is set to consider three nominees for top Justice Department positions, including two posts long held by temporary appointees.

by Andrew Ramonas | May 9th, 2011

The Senate failed to clear a key obstacle to confirming James Cole for Deputy Attorney General.

by Lisa Brennan | March 1st, 2011

Victor Kozeny now faces the final round in his fight to stay put before the Judicial Committee of London’s Privy Council, the final appellate forum for the Bahamas, which agreed to take his case at a hearing last Nov. 30.

by Andrew Ramonas | January 27th, 2011

The lawyer served in the Justice Department Tax Division from 1990 to 2004.

by Mary Jacoby | December 30th, 2010

James Cole will be the department’s No. 2 official, serving for a year.

by Andrew Ramonas | December 23rd, 2010

The confirmation fight underscored how even top nominations that typically glide through on a fast track are now getting gummed up inside the intensely polarized Senate.

by Andrew Ramonas | December 15th, 2010

Deputy Attorney General nominee James Cole was reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 20 without any Republican support.

by Stephanie Woodrow | December 2nd, 2010

The bipartisan group stretching back to the Reagan administration said past DAGs were approved in an average of 12 days by unanimous consent.

by Andrew Ramonas | December 2nd, 2010

In a fiery speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) repeated his long-standing concerns about Deputy Attorney General nominee James Cole.

by Andrew Ramonas | November 26th, 2010

James Cole was nominated in May to be the Justice Department’s No. 2 official. But a top Senate Republican said the nomination needs “a full debate.”

by Ryan J. Reilly | June 14th, 2010

From Enron to the case against Illinois Democratic Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, Deputy Attorney General nominee James Cole has been involved in several prominent political and financial cases.

by Ryan J. Reilly | June 10th, 2010

Attorney General Eric Holder made a plug for the Senate to confirm his proposed No. 2 during a news conference Thursday morning.

by Leah Nylen | June 8th, 2010

James Cole is nominated to be Deputy Attorney General. He would replace acting Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler.

by Ryan J. Reilly | June 2nd, 2010

Republicans will go after Deputy Attorney General nominee James Cole’s oversight of AIG, but supporters say the credit default swaps that nearly lead to the company’s collapse fell outside his purview.

by Andrew Ramonas | May 25th, 2010

The White House notified the Senate on Monday that President Barack Obama nominated former public corruption prosecutor James Cole to be Deputy Attorney General.

by Ryan J. Reilly | May 21st, 2010

James Cole, a longtime friend of Attorney General Eric Holder, first joined the Justice Department in 1979 as a trial lawyer in the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section. UPDATED: 7:39 p.m.

by Joe Palazzolo | April 19th, 2010

The Obama administration is vetting a former public corruption prosecutor — who in the 1990s investigated House Speaker Newt Gingrich — for the Justice Department’s No. 2 position.

by Ryan J. Reilly | March 5th, 2010

Ignacia S. Moreno, who was formally installed Friday as Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division, unveiled her leadership team.

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