SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2022
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Report Details Frictions in Civil Rights Division Over Black Panthers Case


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  2. Publius Novus says:

    Adams and Popper should have been given their walking papers as a result of the hiring scandal. They never should have been hired in the first place, and keeping them on board after the politically-motivated hiring was uncovered should have been rectified. That is the failing of the Civil Rights Division and the DOJ generally. The hiring process in the USAOs is and has been compromised for many years. USAOs are full of political hires and nepotism, most of which is beyond the power or authority of Main Justice to remedy (Senatorial courtesy, you know). Unfortunately, this kind of anti-meritocratic hiring began creeping into Main Justice with the Bush Administration. The Obama Administration should have taken firm and prompt steps to eradicate it at Main Justice before it took root, but I have my fears in this regard.

    It is also telling that Coates “transferred” to a USAO-the usual place to stash a political hire or a Main Justice lawyer who has gotten into ethical hot water. I put transferred in quotes because movement between Main Justice and a USAO is not a transfer in any real sense. It is essentially a new hire by the U.S. Attorney-a political appointee who can and usually does hire his or her AUSAs based on unknown and unregulated hiring standards, if any.

    Last, the article makes it sound as though Coates’ relocation to a USAO was some kind of demotion. Most, I would say nearly all, Main Justice lawyers would jump at the chance to move to a USAO after a multi-year stint at Main Justice. I know many Main Justice lawyers with years of top-flight experience and sterling credentials who can’t get interviews at USAOs because they are not politically connected or the offspring of a federal judge or local BigLaw partner.