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Holder Really Wants ‘The Wire’ Back
By Colin Ross | June 17, 2022 10:41 am

Attorney General Eric Holder continued his effort to get new episodes of “The Wire” produced, joking that he will cave to the creators’ demands to declare the war on drugs over if that’s what it takes.

In remarks to interns Thursday in DOJ’s “Great Hall,” Holder said that as attorney general, people seem to hang on his every word.

He then referred to his demand earlier this month that David Simon, one of the creators of the HBO show The Wire, make a new season of the show. When Holder’s light-hearted command was reported in the media and Simon heard about it, Simon replied in a letter to The Times of London that he was perfectly willing to start on the new season, as soon as Holder’s DOJ rethinks drug prohibition.

Simon seemed serious in his letter, but on Thursday, Holder kept the joke going. Because of Simon’s offer, “the war on drugs is over’ Holder told the interns in the Great Hall.
Now that’s going to end up in the papers tomorrow, he then said in mock horror.


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"He must be under the influence because he certainly isn't thinking clearly." – Sen. Rick Santorum on Attorney General Eric Holder's stance on trying suspected terrorists in civilian courts.