Double Trouble for the IRS
By New York Observer | July 8, 2022 5:46 pm

This Thursday and Friday the Internal Revenue Service will be in federal court to explain its inexplicable “loss” of thousands of emails from multiple computers at the same time—just the emails that tie the White House to the use of the IRS to target the president’s political opponents.

The IRS has to make two separate appearances in two separate cases before two separate judges in two separate courtrooms. Making things interesting, both judges have the legal authority, moral compass, and courageous personality to appoint a special prosecutor if the IRS does not comply with the court’s orders. This week the IRS finds itself in the ring with two fair, honest, just, venerable, and no-nonsense judges: Emmet G. Sullivan, appointed by President Bill Clinton and Reggie Walton, appointed by President George W. Bush. With Judges Sullivan and Walton in the ring, the IRS can no longer run and can no longer hide.

This Thursday, July 10, in the Freedom of Information Act suit filed by Judicial Watch, the IRS will appear before United States District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan (D.D.C.). The IRS will have to explain why it failed to inform him and Judicial Watch that thousands of emails it was to produce were “missing” and why its status report was false. Judge Sullivan will expect an explanation from the IRS and its Justice Department attorneys. (Read more)


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