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Ex-DOJers Back Romney

By David Stout | OCTOBER 28, 2021 |

The Republican candidate with supporters (clockwise from top left) Mukasey, Barr, Filip and Fisher.

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Holder to Testify About Fast and Furious on Dec. 8

The decision comes after the House Judiciary Committee requested the attorney general’s testimony.

It’s Official: There Were No $16 Muffins, IG Says

The Justice Department’s Inspector General issued a report Friday based on new information.

Romney Gets Backing of Barr, Mukasey and Other Ex-DOJ Officials

The Republican candidate is hailed as understanding the need to balance national security and keep “a free society.”

Sometimes the Freedom of Information Act Means Disinformation

Is it all right for federal law enforcement agencies to be less than honest on rare occasions?

Group Asks: ‘Will the Federal Government Please Return Our Marijuana?’

An Oakland non-profit is seeking to stop the Feds’ California medical marijuana crackdown and asked that plants seized from a cooperative be returned.

Settlement With African-American Farmers Approved

Attorney General Eric Holder said the settlement was a high priority of the administration.

Gupta’s Case Is Seen as Harder Than Rajaratnam’s for Prosecutors

There’s not much on tape and not much of a “quid pro quo,” a white collar defense lawyer observes.

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Charges Against John Edwards

U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles said a jury should decide whether the prosecution is politically motivated.

Another GOP Lawmaker Calls for Holder’s Resignation Over Fast and Furious

The operation has been an enormous source of embarrassment for the Justice Department since a federal border patrol agent was killed in a shootout where one of the trafficked guns was found.

Straw Gun Buyer Linked to ICE Agent’s Murder Pleads Guilty

Otilio Osorio agreed to plead guilty to three charges.

Is Paul Clement Over the Supreme Court Jitters? Probably

With 54 cases and counting, the former Solicitor General doesn’t need another quill pen.

Leotta Moves to WilmerHale From Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office

His service in Maryland included time as appellate chief and a stint in the White House Counsel’s Office.

Gupta Is Facing Charges for Giving Data to Rajaratnam

A stunning new turn in the federal government’s pursuit of insider trading may be at hand. UPDATED: 3:54 p.m.

Abramoff Associate Kevin Ring Sentenced to 20 Months in Prison

The Justice Department originally wanted Ring to serve as much as 22 years. UPDATED 2:14 p.m

Local Alabama Federal Prosecutors Missing From Bingo Case Documents

The names of two federal prosecutors are missing from recent court documents.

DOJ: New Texas Redistricting Maps Are Intended to Hurt Hispanics

The DOJ says a half-million Hispanic voters would be effectively disenfranchised.

Napolitano: I Was Never Briefed on Fast and Furious

The DHS Secretary said that the ATF told the Border Patrol to let guns go into Mexico in 2009, but she wasn’t briefed until after Brian Terry was murdered in 2010.

DOJ: New Gun Store Rules Necessary to Fight Mexican Drug Cartels

Gun store owners are challenging the requirements, which apply to merchants in border states.

Online Gambling Gains Bipartisan Support on Capitol Hill

The move comes following a Justice Department crackdown.

Are ‘Stalking Apps’ Legal? And What Are They, Exactly?

Senators from across the political spectrum raise a question that may be hard to ignore.

Janet Fisher, Ex-National Security Division Lawyer, Joins Venable

She will handle white collar and government investigations.

Justice Department Seeks $70 Million from Son of Equatorial Guinea President

The U.S. alleges that the millions are proceeds of overseas corruption laundered through the United States. The Justice Department is seeking to recover the funds as part of its new Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.

Andrew Weissmann Appointed FBI General Counsel

Weissmann is the co-author of a controversial U.S. Chamber of Commerce paper that called for changes in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

DOJ IG Nominee Worth $9.3 Million

Michael Horowitz disclosed a multimillion dollar salary, multinational clients, and millions invested in mutual funds.

Two Admit Internet Copyright Violations in Virginia and Face Prison

Two Internet-savvy uploaders may be going to a place where first-run movies are scarce.

Export Plot Stretched from U.S. to Singapore, Iran and Iraq, the DOJ Says

The DOJ says an international scheme hurt the United States and its soldiers in Iraq.

Swiss Banks Seem Ready to Part With Billions and Turn Over Names

Several thousand Americans could soon be in intense discussions with the Internal Revenue Service.

Menendez Probe Ends

Then-U.S. Attorney Chris Christie launched the probe during Menendez’s Senate campaign

Kucinich Asks Holder Not to Close Cleveland Antitrust Office

DOJ plans to consolidate several field offices.

IG: Murtha Controlled Grants Made to Favored Firm

The Justice Department’s Inspector General says in a new report that the office of the late Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) made decisions that a company was supposed to make.

A $3.4 Million Gift for Judge Bybee, of ‘Torture Memos’ Fame

Controversy follows a judge, from the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel to the 9th Circuit.

Dems Concerned About Defense Authorization Terrorism Provisions

Democrats prepare to square off with the GOP over bill provisions that mandate military trials for terror suspects, impose strict Gitmo prisoner transfer conditions.

L.A. U.S. Attorney Defends California Medical Pot Crackdown

Andre Birotte Jr. said that too many entrepreneurs are just after the green and are exploiting the system.

Holder Asks Police Chiefs to Push for Funds

The Attorney General said that Congress could make up for a shortfall in funding for police departments.

Holder Pays Warm Tribute to Shuttlesworth, a Giant of the Civil Rights Era

Without him, the Attorney General said, “There would be no me.”

Issa, Grassley Say FBI Holding Back on Gun Operation

Another salvo is fired in the war on words over the botched Operation Fast and Furious.

DOJ Agrees on Terms for Sara Lee Takeover

Grupo Bimbo will have to sell the rights to Sara Lee’s sliced bread brands in a number of metropolitan markets due to concerns over competition.

Can DOJ Reach White House Efficiency Goals?

DOJ has reached only 7 percent of its goal to reduce office space and find other savings by September 2012.

Senate Defeats Plan to Impose 25 Percent Match on DOJ Grant Recipients

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) said the plan would have built greater accountability into the grant process.

ACLU Accuses DOJ of Using Racial, Ethnic and Religious Profiling

The ACLU alleges that information obtained through a FOIA request showed FBI policies that allowed for investigations based on stereotypes.

Feds, Osage Tribe, Reach $380 Million Settlement

In 1999, the Oklahoma tribe first sued the Department of the Interior over asset mismanagement claims.

Judge: Alabama Bingo Case Witnesses Are Racists, Not Crusaders for Good Government

The high-profile public corruption case has turned from a triumph for federal law enforcement into a political mess.

Dispute Over Amicus Brief in Edwards Case Shows Need for DOJ Policy, Lawyers Say

The Department of Justice had opposed a watchdog group’s request to file a friend of the court brief in support of the indicted former Democratic presidential candidate.

DOJ Still Wants NY Times Reporter to Reveal Sources in CIA Leak Trial

The DOJ appeals a ruling that James Risen should not have to testify about his sources at Jeffrey Sterling’s trial.

Terrorist Plot Blended Hatred and Modern Management, DOJ Says

The plotters were busy with computers and a table of organization but still found time for marriage.

DOJ and FTC Release Antitrust Policy for New Health Organizations

The agencies issued a policy statement detailing how it will consider antitrust laws regarding Accountable Care Organizations.

FBI Working Toward Updating the Definition of Rape

The proposed change would most likely result in an increase in the number of reported rapes in the U.S., and increase federal resources devoted to victims.

Mexican Attaché, Russian Secret Agent Investigators Receive Highest DOJ Awards

Awards are given to 340 people at the Attorney General’s annual ceremony.

IG Nominee Attempts to Assure Senators of His Independence

Michael E. Horowitz testified that he knows some officials at the center of troubled gun probe for more than 10 years.

Obama Upset About ‘Bad Judgment’ in Fast and Furious

The president again pledges to get to the bottom of the operation, as the Senate adopts an amendment that would keep it from happening again.

The Ashcroft-Christie Connection Lives

The former attorney general contributed $2,500 to the Garden State’s Republican committee.

We’re Against Torture, Faculty Says After Gonzales Is Hired

The former Attorney General becomes a center of controversy at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn.

Main Justice Alum Joe Palazzolo Is New WSJ Law Blog Lead Writer

And just last month, Main Justice reporter Aruna Viswanatha was hired by Reuters to be their chief financial crime correspondent. We at Main Justice are proud to have so quickly become the leading incubator of the next generation of legal reporting talent.

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Stalking Apps

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) wants to know if they’re legal.


A federal judge in a corruption case has some strong words for Alabama politicians.

DOJ Awards

59th annual awards presented to department employees.

Antitrust Division

Molly Boast to WilmerHale.

Underwear Bomber

Terror prosecutions work, Holder says.

Main Justice Alumni

We are proud to have become the leading incubator of new legal reporting talent.

Tax Division

Nominee volunteered as a Democratic poll watcher in 2008.

Mary B. Jacoby

Mary Jacoby is the founder of Main Justice.

Laterals, Etc.

Personnel changes, promotions and lateral hiring.


PROSECUTE WIKILEAKS? A panel at the National Association of Former U.S. Attorneys conference in Santa Fe, N.M., debated the pros and cons of going after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Arguing for: Former Justice Department National Security Division head Ken Wainstein and former SDNY prosecutor Eric Snyder. Against: Former DOJ Office of Legal Counsel chief Jack Goldsmith and outed CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson. Moderated by New York Times Justice Department reporter Charlie Savage. Part I.

"We believe that it is inappropriate for the government to oppose the participation of prominent organizations as amicus curiae in important cases in the federal courts." -- Stanton Jones, counsel for Arnold & Porter LLP's appellate and Supreme Court practice group.