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Senate Democrats Introduce Cocaine Sentencing Equality Bill

By Andrew Ramonas | October 16, 2021

The Fair Sentencing Act would end the 100-to-1 ratio between crack and powder cocaine penalties enacted during the crime wave of the 1980s.

Antitrust Division Wades Into Health Care Battle

By Steve Bagley | October 14, 2021

Assistant Attorney General Christine Varney joined Senate Democrats today in calling for an end to antitrust exemptions for health insurance companies.

Smoking Gun Digs Up Satirical Franken Letter To Ashcroft

By Andrew Ramonas | July 15, 2022

Comedian-turned-Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) asked Ashcroft in a 2003 letter to contribute to “Savin’ It!” — a book about abstinence that Franken claimed he was working on.

No Joke: Franken Will Sit On Senate Judiciary Committee

By Andrew Ramonas | June 30, 2022

Senator-elect Al Franken — who by now knows a thing or two about the law — will join the Senate Judiciary Committee. But the Democrats’ 60th vote doesn’t mean Office of Legal Counsel nominee Dawn Johnsen isn’t still stranded.