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AUSA Fails To Get Dismissal Of His DUI Charge

By Andrew Ramonas | January 6, 2022

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gerard B. Sullivan was arrested in Warwick, R.I., after motorists contacted police about a person who they said was driving erratically.

AUSA Charged With DUI Surrenders Driver’s License

By Stephanie Woodrow | December 23, 2021

The Justice Department is investigating Gerard B. Sullivan of Rhode Island to determine if he attempted to use his position to avoid charges.

Justice Is Investigating AUSA Charged With DUI

By Stephanie Woodrow | December 7, 2021

The Justice Department reportedly is reviewing whether an assistant U.S. Attorney attempted to avoid a DUI charge by informing the arresting officers of his job.

Rhode Island AUSA Now Charged With DUI

By Stephanie Woodrow | December 4, 2021

After news reports suggested he’d received lenient treatment, AUSA Gerard Sullivan was charged today with driving under the influence.

AUSA Says He Didn’t Abuse His Position To Avoid DUI

By Stephanie Woodrow | December 2, 2021

Gerard Sullivan, a Rhode Island Assistant U.S. Attorney who last week was charged with refusing to take a chemical breath test after driving erratically, says he did not use his position to avoid a DUI charge.

AUSA in R.I. Charged After Refusing Breath Test

By Stephanie Woodrow | December 1, 2021

Two people contacted police about the driver of a BMW — identified as an Assistant U.S. Attorney — who they said appeared “out of it,” and was “driving all over the road,” The Providence Journal reported.