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Jon Stewart Blasts Liz Cheney Ad, Spars With Bush Speechwriter

By Ryan J. Reilly | March 9, 2022

On the Daily Show Tuesday night, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart poked fun at an ad released last week that questioned the values of Justice Department lawyers who represented Guantanamo detainees before joining the DOJ.

John Yoo Cites Obama’s Use Of Drones As Example Of Executive Power

By Ryan J. Reilly | January 14, 2022

John Yoo, the former Office of Legal Counsel deputy who wrote the so-called “torture memos,” appeared at the American Enterprise Institute on Wednesday to discuss his new book about executive power, “Crisis and Command.”

Stewart on Yoo: Like Interviewing Sand

By Ryan J. Reilly | January 13, 2022

Interviewing John Yoo, the former official in the Bush Justice Department who authored the so-called torture memos, was like interviewing sand, Daily Show host Jon Stewart said on his program Tuesday night.

Blago: Fitzgerald Preventing Release of Exonerating Tapes

By Stephanie Woodrow | September 25, 2022

“I want to believe you,” Jon Stewart told the disgraced former Illinois governor. “But it’s hard to believe.” We deleted the many expletives.

Jon Stewart Responds

By Farhan Daredia | June 26, 2022

The commedian makes fun of the Obama administration’s transparency efforts, after a Justice Department lawyer argued that government officials might not cooperate with investigations if they know “it’s going to get on ‘The Daily Show.’”

What If the Only Translator Available In the Event of a Ticking Time-bomb Scenario Was Gay?

By Farhan Daredia | May 15, 2022

John Oliver’s response: “Question, is he openly gay?…  I do know this, we are a nation of laws.”
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Jon Stewart: Obama Personally Approved That Joke!

By Farhan Daredia | May 13, 2022

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart jumped on the White House Correspondents Dinner story, adding a not-so-subtle twist on Wanda Sykes’s incendiary joke about Rush Limbaugh, torture and claims of executive privilege.