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Utah AG Asks DOJ to Probe College Bowl Games

By Aruna Viswanatha | March 2, 2022

Utah AG Mark Shurtleff told the Legal Newsline that Eric Holder and Christine Varney were “very interested” in an investigation into the college football championships.

Outgoing Utah U.S. Attorney to Join Local Firm as Partner

By Stephanie Woodrow | December 23, 2021

Brett Tolman has been the state’s top prosecutor since 2006.

Utah U.S. Attorney Tolman to Resign

By Stephanie Woodrow | October 14, 2021

Brett Tolman oversaw controversial federal raids in Utah last June that caused a political uproar and an anti-government backlash.

Utah AG to Appeal Order To Release Letter Blasting Tolman

By Stephanie Woodrow | September 21, 2022

Mark Shurtleff fired off an angry letter to Attorney General Eric Holder last June, complaining about Utah U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman’s relationship with state authorities.

Utah Official Must Release Complaint Sent to Holder, Panel Rules

By Stephanie Woodrow | September 10, 2022

Utah’s top law enforcement official fired off his apparently angry letter last June, after a controversial federal round-up of Utahans accused of selling plundered Indian artifacts. The complaint centered on U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman.

Rep. Matheson Recommends Tolman Replacement

By Andrew Ramonas | June 22, 2022

Utah’s only Democratic lawmaker in the Capitol, Rep. Jim Matheson has recommended David Schwendiman to replace U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman, according to an ABC affiliate.

Hatch Rebukes Holder For Indian Artifact Raid

By Andrew Ramonas | June 17, 2022

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) chided Attorney General Eric Holder today at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for the force the Justice Department used during a high-profile raid earlier this month on people who allegedly took American Indian artifacts from government lands in Utah.

Utah AG, Tolman Make Up After Reported Spat

By Andrew Ramonas | June 15, 2022

Utah U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman is angling to keep his job in the Obama administration. But another top Utah Republican wrote Eric Holder to complain that Tolman isn’t cooperating with local law enforcement.